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Better flavor and better for the environment - Lodge Cookware

July 20, 2018

When you take the time to source fresh and local ingredients, it is nice to know that you can cook it in cookware that can stand the test of time. The Beach House is proud to use Lodge Cast Iron Cookware in its kitchens. Founded in Tennessee in 1896 by Joseph Lodge, the cast iron cookware has been made in the same location for over 122 years.

Lodge is known for superior heat retention and even cooking. This creates perfectly cooked and seasoned food regardless of whether you are a professional chef or a weekend gourmet. You can feel good knowing you are reaping the benefit of over a century of workmanship and quality when you are eating food cooked in Lodge cast iron cookware. 

Just like the Beach House, Lodge has a commitment to the environment. It's cookware is made with no artificial coatings or cancer causing PFA's keeping your dish as close to nature as possible. In fact, pans are seasoned using traditional vegetable oil. Plus, the foundry that produces the cookware exceeds standards for clean air, water, and soil due to using some of the most advanced purification and recycling technologies available. 

In addition, Lodge cookware is made to last and is often passed down through generations leading to less waste common to other brands. In fact, the longer you use your cast iron the more it seasons your food and the deeper flavors that you can enjoy from it. Enjoy your meal knowing that the Beach House supports sustainable solutions with our food and our cookware. It is part of our commitment to you to constantly provide great flavors while being a good steward of the world we live in.

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