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The Beaches are clear and the Beach House is open for you

August 17, 2018

The beaches are open and clean.  The water is crystal clear and the staff at the Beach House is waiting for you.  While the area is still dealing with red tide conditions and/or conditions related to untreated overflow from Lake Okeechobee, the conditions vary from location to location and from day to day.  The Beach House has been fortunate to have many more great days than mediocre ones.

"People are scared, and they are seeing things, and they are seeing pictures that don't relate to us there is not a whale shark on the beach right here, there's not a dolphin," commented Robert Baugh, our Chief Operating Officer.

"Our customers have asked about the fish that we are serving and the answer is that the food is safe to eat," he concluded.  Much of the seafood served at the Beach House and its sister restaurants, the Sandbar and Mar Vista, are sourced from fishermen working the deep waters of the gulf not impacted by the conditions closer in to shore.

How can you tell if it is going to be a good day at the Beach House?
Certainly you can call and we will be happy to tell you what we observer or you can see for yourself. 
  • Live surf cam from the top of the Beach House: view
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife reports: view
  • Manatee County updates: view

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House made bread available every day at the Beach House